2. Nov

200 Years “Silent Night, Holy Night”: Ludiwg Güttler releases a Christmas album

A snowy night in the moonlight, a world of silence reassured under the snow...200 years ago in a small Austrian village the most famous Christmas song in the world was created: "Silent Night, Holy Night". A song whose lyrics do not belong to world literature, but in the guise of this music it touches and moves hearts all over the world.

Ludwig Güttler's heart is no expection: "It is one of the first Christmas songs that I played myself on the accordion. After my fifth birthday, I received it as a Christmas present," Ludwig Güttler remembers, as well as the fact that everyone had sung along to the song during his childhood. Even more: For a long time he could not imagine that someone sitting in the church would remain motionless during "Silent Night".

Ludwig Güttler, who celebrated his 75th birthday this year, is considering this special anniversary with a special edition of selected contemplative Christmas melodies. "I want to make a selection listen to, on whose cultural shoulders this song was written, and have tried to sketch a musical world, which the authors found in Oberndorf", says Güttler.

In addition to the best Christmas recordings from his gigantic catalogue, there are also recordings that have not yet been released, which create a contemplative Christmas mood. The album is now available everywhere.