23. Oct

’50°53’53. 9′′N 10°33’22. 6″E (Bach Organ Landscapes / Waltershausen) ‘ – Jörg Halubek releases his new album!

For the album '50°53’53.9″N 10°33’22.6“E (Bach Organ Landscapes / Waltershausen)' Jörg Halubek selected Bach’s “Third Part of the Keyboard Exercise” – one of the rare collections of organ music that Bach set in print in his own lifetime (1739). The collection captivates with its visionary compositional approach and a refreshingly pragmatic approach to printed layout that can still be appreciated today (cf. Gregory Butler, 1990). The compositional vision of the Clavierübung is linked with the visionary element of Trost’s organ aesthetic. Bach thought highly of him – and will have appreciated his experiments with tone colours. As ever, a nobly dignified plenum forms the central pillar of the organ sound. Both mixtures contain thirds, resulting in combination with the softened middle register in a certain sharpness of sound, but also the clear, eloquent transparency of polyphonic works. The spatial acoustic has very little reverberation even in an empty church and is very clear. Apart from the plenum, the organ specification is mainly characterized by a wealth of eight-foot and four-foot stops: there are six 8' flue stops and three 4' flues in the Hauptwerk alone, among them a tremulant. The fine nuances in these sensitive timbres are an invitation to interpreters to experiment and to hear with new ears.

The album '50°53'53. 9′′N 10°33'22. 6"E (Bach Organ Landscapes / Waltershausen) ' will be released on 23. October 2020 at Berlin Classics on CD and digitally on all streaming and download platforms.