12. Apr

About candlelight and spotlight: The new album of the Silver-Garburg piano duo is out

"A document of the highest art on two pianos. Stunning virtuosity... dreamlike functioning interplay... How Sivan Silver and Gil Garburg master this extremely delicate task borders on a miracle" - Wilfried Schäper (Bremen Zwei).

The Israeli Silver-Garburg Pianoduo have been one of the best piano duos in the world for 20 years and surprise again and again with special and intelligent programs and exciting relationships between original and arrangement - also on their new CD "Illumination". For this, they immerse themselves deeply in the world of romantic composing and assemble musical masterpieces arranged by equally important composers for two pianos. Three great works, three great arrangers: Saint-Saëns illuminates Liszt, Schumann and Saint-Saëns were treated by Debussy. With this album, Silvan Silver and Gil Garburg show what is possible with two pianos.

The album is now available on all major platforms.