Sivan Silver and Gil Garburg are both from Israel. They founded their piano duo in 1997 and within a few years they were one of the most impressive keyboard duos at international concert venues such as Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Vienna's Musikverein and the Berlin Philharmonie.

They have won numerous prizes at national and international competitions, both as soloists and as a duo. The Berlin-based artists will be performing in the 2014/15 season in North America and Latin America, in east Asia, Australia and New Zealand, and in Israel and various European countries. Tours with the Munich Chamber Orchestra, the Israel Chamber Orchestra and the Brno Philharmonic are another feature of their calendar.

In 2014, the University for the Arts in Graz appointed them to one of the very few professorships in piano duet that has ever been created. Silver-Garburg had previously taught at the University of Music and Drama in Hanover, from which they graduated in 2007 as pupils of Arie Vardi.