With a combination of outstanding vocal work, innovative program concepts and a modern appearance, the vocal ensemble has been attracting increasing attention since its foundation in 2015. The cultural tip praises the "sound perfection" of the choir, the Aachener Zeitung simply judges with the title "magic. " As direct as here, the multifaceted affects only rarely seem", the magazine The New Listener enthusiastically states.

The Zurich Chamber Singers were founded in 2015 by Christian Erny and Emanuel Signer together with ten singers who were friends of theirs. In the meantime the ensemble has grown to a pool of more than thirty singers and has earned itself an excellent reputation as a sought-after and flexible ensemble. The ensemble devotes itself to choral works from the Renaissance to the modern age, whereby the lean instrumentation requires a great deal of individual initiative from each member. Soloists step directly out of the ensemble. Cultivating contemporary vocal music and promoting young composers are particularly important to the Zurich Chamber Singers. Up to now he has worked with composers such as Marcus Paus (NO), Rhiannon Randle (GB), Patrick Brennan (GB) and Kevin Hartnett (US).

The Zurich Chamber Singers have performed at various festivals and concert series and have worked with orchestras such as the Musikkollegium Winterthur, the Orchestra of Europe and the Baroque Orchestra Cardinal Complex. The ensemble received great praise from the international trade press with the release of the debut CD Passio, which was released by Ars-Produktion in 2018.



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