31. Jan

“Bach & Kapustin: Moon Rainbow (Tape 1)” – Luisa Imorde plays with the contrasts of the two composers Bach and Kapustin

The first single "Bach & Kapustin: Moon Rainbow (Tape 1)" by the young pianist Luisa Imorde contains two tracks! Why two tracks? - In her new album "Moon Rainbow", Luisa Imorde juxtaposes two composers whose birth years lie more than 250 years apart and are thus compositionally actually worlds apart.

Born in 1937 in Horlivka in what was then the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, the composer and pianist Nikolai Kapustin began pouring improvisatory ideas into forms that were well known in the Baroque era. What he wrote sounded like virtuoso jazz, yet every single note, every accent and all the dynamics are clearly defined. Preludes, Fugues, Inventions – even at this level, everything ultimately leads to Bach. And what Luisa Imorde says of Kapustin can also be related to Bach: “I can’t remember when I played music that was more intelligently and humorously constructed. It is incredibly interlocked and so rhythmically multi-layered that I sometimes feel as if I need to split my head from my hands in order to follow every line, every voice.”

The new album "Moon Rainbow" by Luisa Imorde will be released on 06.03.2020. The first single "Bach & Kapustin: Moon Rainbow (Tape 1)" is already available for download and stream!