18. Sep

‘Be Baroque’ – Not simply baroque

Baroque originals, arrangements, resettings and their own compositions all come together in Spark - The Classical Band's sixth album 'Be Baroque', to form a fresh moral portrait of a bygone era. Every track on the album throws light on one or other aspect of Baroque culture through the prism of the arranger or composer in question and their individual materials.

Be it the exuberant vibrancy of Baroque dances, the power of symmetry, the enchanting beauty of Baroque cantilenas, the 'teasing play' of conventional development mechanisms or the attraction of the broken triads that Vivaldi, Bach and their contemporaries employed – long before they again became en vogue as arpeggios in the fields of electro, pop or minimal music. With this project, Spark prove themselves yet again to be one of the most innovative ensembles of their generation – as an exciting collective of pioneers and visionaries, lateral thinkers and mavericks. The band consistently follows its vision of a thoroughly independent profile clearly referencing the musicians' classical roots, but which is fundamentally projected forwards. Spark's interpretations come over as more mature. The ensemble has truly found itself and at the same time not forgotten how to push boundaries, to go in search of something and to constantly be questioning things – with courage and a thirst for adventure that is thoroughly authentic and given to experimentation and insatiable curiosity!

The new Album 'Be Baroque' by Spark - The Classical Band is now available as CD, download, or at your streaming service of choice!