2. Nov

Beautiful like a dream: “The Family Songbook” by Tamar Halperin and Andreas Scholl is released

Sounds of the Middle East combined with classical western children's songs, harpsichord with country music sounds and songs to sing along: The new album "The Family Songbook" by Tamar Halperin and Andreas Scholl is now available everywhere.

On a warm summer day in June in a tranquil half-timbered house in idyllic Kiedrich near Wiesbaden, families and friends of the gifted Israeli pianist and harpsichordist and her husband, the world-famous countertenor and singer, come together to make music.

The result is a wonderful album with the immortal famous "Guten Abend, gut Nacht" by Brahms. Sasha Argov's lullaby "Numi Numi Jaldati" (Sleep, sleep, my girl), an original Yiddish song that gets oriental echoes through instruments like Oud and Darbuka. The world-famous hit by Heinz Rühmann "La Le Lu" is just as important as James Taylor's ballad "Sweet Baby James" or the "Lullebye - Goodnight, My Angel" by Billy Joel.

An album from the family for the family. Be sure to listen!