10. Oct

“Beethoven: Piano Concertos 0-5” – Mari Kodama & Kent Nagano complete the recording of all the Beethoven piano concertos

Together with the Berlin-based Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester (DSO) Mari Kodama and her husband Kent Nagano have now completed the recording of all of Beethoven's piano concertos.
"If you play all of them, it is like accompanying Beethoven on a journey through his life," explains Mari Kodama, and Kent Nagano adds: "You acknowledge the musical genius and at the same time you recognise the development of European music, because Beethoven was undoubtedly its pioneer."
With "Beethoven: Piano Concertos 0-5" the couple presents their very personal adaptation, which reflects their individual conception of the young Beethoven.

"Beethoven: Piano Concertos 0-5" by Mari Kodama & Kent Nagano is now available for download and streaming everywhere.