3. Apr

“Beethoven Unknown Solo Piano Works” – The new album by Matthias Kirschnereit is finally available!

It is no coincidence that the new album by Matthias Kirschnereit is called "Beethoven Unknown Solo Piano Works". The album features works by the great composer, which are not part of the standard repertoire that can be heard well enough in the Beethoven-Year 2020. Matthias Kirschnereit decided to explore the little jewels of Beethoven's piano music and immediately became addicted to their charm.

"As I see it, the challenge is to interpret the music, to explore its psychology. To analyse the work, feel it, and sensitively observe which way the music wants to go. It is always a magical moment when you hear the work “talking to you”! This little piece can also be made to sound unbelievably boring; for all its strict tempo, it has to be seen in a constantly new light and filled with life, which is a fascinating task." - Matthias Kirschnereit

The new album "Beethoven Unknown Solo Piano Works" by Matthias Kirschnereit is now avaible as CD, download or in stream!