25. Feb

Carneval is here!

While in the Rhineland this Thursday at 11:11 o'clock the carnival will be officially rung in, the "Carneval" has already arrived at Asya Fateyeva. The album is now available for stream, download and as CD.

On her latest album she explores the world of carnival, its dramas, characters and surprising human entanglements. It tells the most different stories of love, friendship and also of death. The saxophone with its variety of sounds is perfectly suited for this.

Casting her figures as if in an opera, she has given different parts to soprano, alto and tenor saxophone, showing how close her instrument can come to the human voice. Thus Fateyeva and her saxophone play the part of the luckless Charlotte in Massenet’s "Werther"; in the famous "Flower Duet" they embody the Indian princess Lakmé from the opera of that name by Delibes. Scaramouche, the "king of the braggarts" as composer Darius Milhaud describes the classic clown from the Commedia dell’arte, springs to life in Asya’s hands.

Immerse yourself in the world of carnival!