29. Jul

Céline Moinet plays Bach – the first foretaste of her album has arrived

Céline Moinet is back. The oboist excites with her new single from Bach's Oboe Concerto in A Major (Oboe Concerto in A Major, BWV 1055).

With the award-winning instrumental ensemble l'arte del mondo under Werner Ehrhardt, she combines a historically informed orchestral sound with her modern Marigaux oboe. On her new album, she takes a look at Johann Sebastian Bach: "Here the oboe becomes a narrator".

"Bach's cantatas were my first approach. It is an extremely rich, demanding literature for oboists, ultimately the essence of his music," Moinet explains. After her last album put Schumann's Romances in the centre, she enters a completely different world this time.

Her new album "Bach Oboe Concertos" will be released on Berlin Classics on 13.09.2019. The piece "I. (Allegro) (BWV 1055)" is out now.

< Watch the trailer for "Bach Oboe Concertos" here >