8. Sep

Claire Huangci and Rachmaninov’s Prelude in F Minor

After her recording of the "Nocturnes" by Frederic Chopin, Claire Huangci dedicates this new recording to another major project: "The Rachmaninov Préludes". As a foretaste of the album, which will be released on September 28th, another track can now be heard in advance!

The 13 Préludes, Opus 32 number 6 in F minor is rather short with 1:22 minutes, but no less fascinating. It was composed in 1910 as part of a piano cycle comprising 13 Préludes, which was also Rachmaninov's last.

Compared to the previous collections, many pieces of the 13 Préludes are musically more demanding and technically more complicated. The composer was now able to present 24 pieces and continue a tradition from Bach to Chopin.

With her penchant for large-scale projects, the Préludes by Rachmaninov were the next logical step for Claire Huangci. The 28-year-old has already been able to show "how to Rachmaninov" in numerous concerts. This is one of the last masterpieces of late Romanticism and a great challenge for pianists. Not so for Claire Huangci!

One can therefore rightly look forward to the recording of "The Rachmaninov Préludes"! The album will be released by Berlin Classics on September 28, 2018.