2. Aug

Claire Huangci announces orchestra record at Berlin Classics

After four successful solo albums - from Russian ballet arrangements to Scarlatti to Chopin's complete Nocturnes and all Rachmaninoff Preludes - Claire Huangci's first orchestral record for Berlin Classics now follows. The third movement of Paderewski's Piano Concert has now been released as a foretaste of the album.

The upcoming album "Paderewski & Chopin: Piano Concertos" will be released on 23.08.2019. With touth korean conductor Shiyeon Sung and Deutsche Radio Philharmonie Saarbrücken, Claire Huagnci will dedicate herself to Chopin's first piano concert in comparison to Paderewski's piano concert.

"Piano Concerto, Op. 17: III. Allegro molto vivace" is now available for download and streaming.