27. Jul

Claudio Bohórquez releases his new album “Brahms – Opus 38 & 99”

Brahms - Opus 38 & 99 – a completely new and extraordinary interpretation by the inspiring duo with cellist Claudio Bohórquez and Péter Nagy. The new recording will raise a new star in the Brahms music heaven just today on the occasion of the lunar eclipse of the century. The sonatas for piano and cello by Johannes Brahms, Opus 38 and 99 are masterfully played and interpreted by two musical personalities who make the sonatas shine in a new light:

The German-born cellist Claudio Bohórquez with Peruvian-Uruguayan roots, who is one of the best in his field, makes the virtuosity of the cello sound as Brahms himself would have loved it. For his favourite instrument he has written many moving melodies and compositions, some of which are played on this recording. In the Hungarian pianist Péter Nagy, Bohórquez has the perfect partner at his side who captures the timbre of his homeland with feeling. This becomes particularly clear in the Hungarian dances, which are contrasted - as an encore, so to speak - with the two sonatas.

Especially for the connoisseurs of these Hungarian dances, which have become a success story and are recognized by almost everyone, the true mastery of the duo becomes apparent: in the arrangement by Alfredo Piatti in the version for cello and piano, the dances shine in a completely new, inspiring light. In any case, the mastery of Bohórquez over the special strings of his instrument becomes more than clear here. And one can be glad that this is a discography premiere, which should lead to further recordings. Brahms is consciously the beginning, back-to-the roots to the beginnings of his cellist career. After 30 years as a cellist, Claudio Bohórquez now sees the ideal moment to record his music after he has reached a certain personal maturity thanks to profound life experience, knowledge and personal development.

The album is available everywhere from today.