10. Dec

Claudio Bohorquez releases new single ‘La Muerte del Angel’

100 years of Astor Piazzolla! On the occasion of the birthday of Argentinian tango legend, brothers Claudio and Oscar Bohórquez, together with Piazzolla's ensemble colleague Gustavo Beytelmann, are releasing the album 'Piazzolla: Patagonia Express' with Berlin Classics. In advance the single 'La Muerte del Angel' is released. The trio not only takes up Piazzolla's musical legacy, but also repertoire composed by Beytelmann, thus leading the listener into the passionate and mysterious world of tango.

Thunderous, powerful and unique: Piazzolla's music is versatile, deeply rooted in the tango tradition and yet always driven by curiosity and the search for modernity. His works are complex and challenging and deal like no other with the special musical language of his time. A clear classification into classical or popular music is not possible. Influences of jazz and Brazilian music mix with folklore from the 50s and 60s; tango stands next to Bach-like counterpoint, rhythm meets overly lyrical passages. Claudio and Oscar Bohórquez found the inspiration for this album thanks to Gustavo Beytelmann. 'His original Argentinean style, his musical and personal flights of fancy, the stage life that he shared with Astor Piazzolla... all this gave us the decisive impulse to record this album.'

The single 'La Muerte del Angel' is now available on all streaming and download portals.