11. Jun

Eckart Runge and Jacques Ammon reinterpret the Hendrix classic ‘Purple Haze’

Which musicians have written music history, which ones have even revolutionized it? An answer to this question can be found on the upcoming album by the duo Eckart Runge and Jacques Ammon: 'Revolutionary Icons' presents a selection of these icons and rearranges one work each for piano and cello. The single released today is dedicated to the guitar hero Jimi Hendrix with the song 'Purple Haze'. Without a doubt, the American musician had a significant influence on the world of six strings and created new sounds on the instrument that have lost none of their fascination to this day. Thus, in this arrangement, gruff sounds emerge from the guts of the piano – and Runge bullies his cello into being the guitar of Hendrix.


'Purple Haze' is available for streaming & download on all music platforms.