4. Jul

Fauré Quartet stages Mussorgski’s “Pictures an Exhibition” in new colours

On 14 September 2018, the world-famous Fauré Quartet will release its latest album on Berlin Classics: "Pictures at an Exhibition" - a world premiere of the recording as a version for a piano quartet. This brings completely new, unheard colours and gripping drama to Mussorgski's classical work. Rachmanninov's "Études-Tableaux" also receive a new coat of paint in a brushstroke: flexible, yet dense in sound - with a unique soul and in a colourfulness with unheard facets and twists. The range extends from great turbulence to breathless calm.

The moving history of the "Pictures at an Exhibition" and "Études-Tableaux" from solo piano to orchestral work culminates in the phenomenal sound nuances of the Fauré Quartet. In the epicentre between solo piano and large orchestra, the Fauré Quartet unites the best of two worlds in this unique recording. The violinist Erika Geldsetzer, violist Sascha Frömbling, Konstantin Heidrich on cello and Dirk Mommertz on piano have been a team for over 25 years and can undoubtedly be described as the most influential piano quartet in the world. They are known for breaking new ground, are not afraid to leave the beaten track. Voilà - here you can let the "Pictures at an exhibition" and the "Études" have a completely new effect on you.