27. Nov

Felix Klieser’s new single ‘Gloria’ is out!

Felix Klieser, on his new album 'Beyond Words', focuses on the language of music, the stories that it tells – all without any words at all. The single 'Gloria' (composer: Vivaldi) will be released in advance. Klieser places the emphasis on the images that arise before our mind’s eye when listening to the music, on the emotions triggered by the music. For Beyond Words the hornist has chosen various arias by Bach, Vivaldi, Handel and Gluck, each of which describes the various, self-contained musical worlds they encompass in a very individual manner.

From the point of view of content, the stories told in the arias could hardly be more different. They tell of praise and worship, of horrible fates and freedom lost; problems that were in existence when the works were composed and that are still relevant to this day. 'When we play music that is very old, we are communicating with means of expression that people had long before there were such things as smartphones, or airplanes or cars – and yet the subject of music back then was no different to today. That seems to be something that can still move us today, and I find that fascinating.'

The single 'Gloria' from the album 'Beyond Words' will be released in advance on November 27, 2020 on all streaming and download platforms. The album itself will be released on February 19, 2021 by Berlin Classics on CD and on all streaming and download platforms.