18. Apr

First foretaste of “Madame Schumann”

One of the most outstanding female artists of the 19th century celebrates her birthday in 2019. Clara Schumann was born 200 years ago. The pianist Ragna Schirmer, who has long been involved with her artistic predecessor, dedicates a special tribute to her and gives an insight into the life and work of Clara Schumann with two special programmes.

As of today, the first foretaste of the upcoming album "Madame Schumann" is available: The Piano Trio op. 17: III Andante was already the most famous during Clara Schumann's lifetime.  The work was written two years after Robert Schumann's physical and mental collapse, after a period of greatest family stress. In order to finance the family, Clara again gave concerts and composed the trio as her only chamber music work. The work is characterized by baroque chromaticism, long and expressive themes, and a sovereign mastery of form.

The piece can now be heard on all common platforms. The album will be released on 10 May by Berlin Classics.