17. Sep

“Geminiani: Quinta Essentia” – Concerto Köln’s homage to the gifted composer and globetrotter Francesco Geminiani

On their new album "Geminiani: Quinta Essentia", Concerto Köln dedicates itself to a composer whom it particularly honours: Franceso Geminiani.
Composer, virtuoso violinist and itinerant artist, as well as being a dealer and collector of art, a musicographer and musicologist - Francesco Geminiani's life does not read like the typical story of a more or less sedentary Baroque composer, which is also reflected in his music.
Concerto Köln has chosen their personal favourites from Geminiani’s entire oeuvre: Geminiani's quintessence.
"From each of Concerti Grossi's opus and the various collections of reworked works, we have selected one or two works that we consider to be the loveliest and most accomplished of his compositions," says bassoonist Lorenzo Alpert.
"Geminiani: Quinta Essentia" by Concerto Köln is now available on CD and double vinyl, for download and stream everywhere.