13. Mar

“Grand Ballet” – Isang Enders interprets a baroque work as a cello-duet

Isang Ender's second single "Grand Ballet" is a work by the French baroque composer Marin Marais. Originally written for viola da gamba, the piece can be heard here in an arrangement for two cellos. The second cello is played by the cellist Mischa Meyer.

He views Marin Marais as a musical forefather of Debussy, whose music is "unbelievably vocal, much more so than one might think." After the Baroque pioneer Enders turns his sights deep into the 20th century – via Stravinsky, the Boulanger sisters Lili and Nadia to Messiaen, "the logical successor to Debussy." The heart of the matter for Enders is always the question: How do the individual composers' sound concepts differ and how do they transpose them to the cello with its tone that is close to the human voice? Most of the works on the Vox Humana album were not originally written for cello; Enders had to arrange them, which allowed him to concentrate more closely on each work.

The new single by Isang Enders "Grand Ballet" is now available for download and stream! The complete album "Vox Humana" is available from April 24th, 2020!