12. Feb

Great feedback for the new album by Annika Treutler!

For her new album "Viktor Ullmann, Piano Concerto Op. 25 and Piano Sonatas No. 3 & 7" pianist Annika Treutler not only receives praise for her commitment to forbidden music, but also for her great piano playing! We are very happy about her great contributions in radio and print media:

Treutler plays Ullmann's pianistically highly demanding works with an admirable power and precision. She does not shy away from emotion, but sentimentality is far from her mind. She had made her first recordings with the German Romantics Brahms, Schumann and Mendelssohn, so now she has taken the step into the 20th century. Ullmann, who had dedicated both the Piano Concerto and the Third Sonata to the pianist Juliette Aranyi, who also perished in Auschwitz, would have enjoyed this courageous interpretation. – DER SPIEGEL

Annika Treutler has chosen three of Ullmann's works. Nothing special, one would say in view of the long lists of recorded Ullmann works, which nevertheless hardly allowed him to return to the regularly played repertoire. But Treutler makes their interpretation a shining moment. She does not draw her strength from the composer's cruel fate alone. When she plays, one almost forgets what happened to him - harassment in Theresienstadt, deportation to Auschwitz, and assassination in the death factory. And surely this is the fitting tribute and bow to his work and fate - to show what gifted and stirring music he wrote and give an idea of what could still be discovered in the unknown works of which only the title remains and the bitter "missing". – Kultur-Port

The album "Viktor Ullmann, Piano Concerto Op. 25 and Piano Sonatas No. 3 & 7", which Annika Treutler recorded together with the Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin and Stephan Frucht, is available as CD plus 3D immersive sound blu-ray, download and in stream since January 31, 2020!