10. Apr

“Innamorati” – Another preview of the new album by the Goldmund Quartet!

With "Innamorati", the 10th movement of the work Commedia dell'arte III by Ana Sokolovic, the Goldmund Quartet gives another glimpse into their new album "Travel Diaries". On this album, the four German musicians bring together contemporary composers with whom they have been able to work together. Just like this composer:

The temperature was in the forties Celsius (round 100° F.) when the quartet was working on Commedia dell’arte III in Aix-en-Provence with its composer Ana Sokolovic. “The rehearsals together made the string quartet into a piece of impromptu theatre that we were delighted to perform a few days later. There is always something liberating about playing the Commedia dell’arte III in concert and it’s an amusing experience every time, both for us and for the audience.”

The new single "Innamorati" is now avaible as download or in stream! The new album "Travel Diaries" by the Goldmund Quartet is avaible from April 24, 2020.