28. Feb

“Jonny” – Asya Fateyeva’s musical time travel into the “Roaring Twenties”

Asya Fateyeva has already released two albums with Berlin Classics – but her new album "Jonny" is different. Related to the serious theme of the ostracized music of the 1920s, the outstanding saxophonist has created an album full of emotion, full of radiant moments but also full of seriousness, which makes the music of that time shine in a new splendor.

“The saxophone doesn’t suit patriotic songs, which explains why it is unpopular out there,” noted Erwin Schulhoff in 1925. And he was to be proved right. The increasing politicization of society soon put paid to the Roaring Twenties, and the concept of “cultural Bolshevism” reared its ugly head. Music was freighted with nationalist, racist values that were exploited by Nazi propagandists to weave their political programme into the fabric of everyday life. Fascism wrote a new chapter in the history of the saxophone, as its seriousness was questioned. Jazz fell into disrepute. Its detractors objected to its internationalism and its closeness to popular entertainment, seeing it as a threat to public morality and Western culture.

If you want to experience this musical time travel into the wild 1920s yourself, you should listen to the new album "Jonny" by Asya Fateyeva, which is now available as CD, download and in stream!