16. Nov

Luisa Imorde alias Joseph Johann Baptist Woelfl

For her Berlin Classics debut, Luisa Imorde chose an important theme: a musical duel between two titans of the music world. The pianist now presents the first of the two combatants with the first single release from her album.

Joseph Johann Baptist Woelfl, a composer with close ties to the Mozart family, was one of the great composers of his time. Already at a young age, Woelfl devoted himself to music and quickly showed a distinct talent.

In the winter of 1798 the fateful encounter that inspired Luisa Imorde's album came about. The 25-year-old Woelfl and the three-year older Ludwig van Beethoven meet in a "piano duel".

The first single release from the young pianist's album skillfully prepares the listener for the climax of the duel between the two duelists. A listening pleasure of the first order!