14. Dec

Luisa Imorde alias Ludwig van Beethoven

On her Berlin Classics debut, Luisa Imorde dedicates herself to a fateful encounter in the winter of 1798: 25-year-old Woelfl and three-year-old Ludwig van Beethoven meet in a "piano duel". A musical trial of strength in front of a select audience, the objective of which was to choose the winner by the intensity of the applause.  Exceptionally gifted pianist Luisa Imorde reawakens the spirit of this historic battle between the two musical geniuses and lets the two opponents compete against each other once again on her upcoming album "L'affaire d'honneur".

While she slipped into the role of the 25-year-old Joseph Woelfl on her last release from the album, she takes on the role of the young Ludwig van Beethoven for her second foretaste "Pathétique: I. Grave - Allegro di molto e con brio".

At just 28 years old, Ludwig van Beethoven was already well known as a virtuoso of the piano forte and master of improvisation. He had originally come to the glittering capital of music, Vienna, from his hometown Bonn, in order to study with famous composer Joseph Haydn. His journey culminated in a "duel of the musical titans".

From today, Luisa Imorde's version of Beethoven's famous "Pathétique" can be heard on all platforms. Now it's the audiences turn to make the decision!