14. Feb

“Lustig & Traurig” – Matthias Kirschnereit explores the unknown jewels of Beethoven’s piano music

If you are looking for a fascinating alternative to the standard repertoire in the Beethoven Year 2020, you can discover something completely new with the single "Lustig & Traurig" by Matthias Kirschnereit. On his new album "Beethoven Unknown Solo Piano Works", the pianist with a love of discovery explores unknown jewels of Beethoven's piano music and thus provides an overview of the works that quite wrongfully have not made it into the well-known canon of Beethoven's  standard works.

My aim in this album is to take works by Beethoven that are not generally familiar and give  them new lustre (I hope!). Pieces, that is, that do not necessarily set out to change the world. I am no archaeologist; my task is not to rummage in attics or search libraries and archives for hitherto unpublished works. Everything has long been in print, as my intensive collaboration with the publishers Henle and Wiener Urtext Edition has confirmed. So I started looking at what I could put together on this CD – and I was simply amazed. My aim was to take account of all the forms applicable to solo piano: sonata or sonatina, rondo, variations, bagatelles, Klavierstücke (short piano pieces), minuets and all kinds of dances. – Matthias Kirschnereit

The new album "Beethoven Unknown Solo Piano Works" by Matthias Kirschnereit will be released on April 3, 2020. Until then you can get a foretaste with the first single "Lustig und Traurig", which is now available as download and stream!