21. Feb

“Moon Rainbow (Tape 2)” – The second single of Luisa Imorde was released!

With the new single "Moon Rainbow (Tape 2)" Luisa Imorde again opposes two pieces of the two composers Nikolai Kapustin and Johann Sebastian Bach. The young pianist is known to have extraordinary and exciting concepts for her albums, but this concept of contrasting two composers who have been separated by almost 250 years is definitely one of her most daring and exciting ones.

The jazz influences in Kapustin’s music are inescapable. But he generally pours his musical material into a mould that comes from the classical music tradition. Similarly improvisation, an essential element of jazz, is absent from his scores. He may find the material for some of his works by improvising at the piano, but then he condenses and elaborates it until he has his music painstakingly notated down to the last detail. “I can’t remember when I played music that was more intelligently and humorously constructed. It is incredibly interlocked and so rhythmically multi-layered that I sometimes feel as if I need to split my head from my hands in order to follow every line, every voice. That is what has so fascinated me about his way of composing. How brilliantly Kapustin stacks these layers and fashions his own individual sound language out of them! That calls for a quite individual playing technique.

The two singles "Moon Rainbow (Tape 2)" and "Moon Rainbow (Tape 1)" by Luisa Imorde are now available for download and stream! The album "Moon Rainbow" will be released on March 6, 2020!