6. Mar

“Moon Rainbow” – The new album by Luisa Imorde is out now!

On her new album "Moon Rainbow" the young pianist Luisa Imorde shows how to create an exciting and modern concept album. Two composers have been chosen for this, who lived 250 years apart and cannot be further apart from each other's style: Johann Sebastian Bach and Nikolai Kapustin. The result is an album whose spectrum ranges from Baroque counterpoint through to polyrhythmic jazz sounds.

“I really like it when I can properly immerse myself in a topic.” Before making these recordings, Imorde was able to take a look at Kapustin’s own manuscripts at his publisher, Schott. “I really get a kick out of that – and at the same time, it allows me to offer my listeners something they have never heard before.” So it was that she decided on the piece that would lend its name to the album: Moon Rainbow. She is the first pianist to ever record it. “In comparison to the other compositions by Kapustin, Moon Rainbow is very varied. The piece develops a very rich fabric of tonal colours. That too is why the title is so perfect for the work.”

Whoever is interested in this great concept does not have to wait any longer. The new album "Moon Rainbow" by Luisa Imorde is now available as CD, download or in stream!