1. Feb

More colorful: Second foretaste from Asya Fateyeva’s new album

Carnival - the fifth and most colourful season of the year - has a long tradition. Even in ancient times carnival festivals were celebrated, where people dressed up and order was turned upside down. World famous are the Brazilian and Venetian carnival and of course the carnival of the Rhineland. The saxophonist Asya Fateyeva explores with her new album "Carneval" the world of carnival, its dramas, characters and always surprising human entanglements.

"The title 'Carneval' describes the spirit of the saxophone. It likes to dress up, try out, explore different styles and slip into the roles of other instruments," says Fateyeva.

On the album she dedicates herself to works by Sergei Prokofiev, Jules Massenet and Léo Delibes. From now on there is the second foretaste of her upcoming album: "Va! Laisse couler mes larmes" written by Jules Massenet for the opera "Massenet".

"Carnival" comes out just in time for the start of the carnival season on 28 February.