10. Dec

Nikola Djoric releases ‘Harpsichord Concerto No. 7 in G Minor, BWV 1058: III. Allegro assai’

Bach & Piazzolla - two composers who actually have nothing to do with each other? Nevertheless, the Serbian accordionist Nikola Djoric, who lives in Austria, has united them on one album, creating above all a world of sound unknown to Bach. Together with the Kurpfälzisches Kammerorchester under the direction of Hans-Peter Hoffmann, he has recorded Piazzolla's famous concert for bandoneon 'Aconcagua' as well as Bach's harpsichord concertos 1 & 7.

One thing was important to him in the realization of these works:
'With this music, a faithful musical text is presented; nothing was changed, no arrangements were made. I play the scores of Bach and Piazzolla 1:1 on the accordion, and the listener has the opportunity to experience works known to him in a different timbre. The instrument offers an incomparable attraction with its singing ability and complexity. Just imagine: A wind instrument that plays polyphonically when inhaling and exhaling and lets the sound arise in the air; a keyboard instrument that can phrase tones like strings with a bow, with two different manuals, over 500 notes, 20 sound registers and a musician who plays with all ten fingers and can breathe freely - this is the button accordion, it sings and breathes'.

The single 'Harpsichord Concerto No. 7 in G Minor, BWV 1058: III. Allegro assai ' from the album 'Bach & Piazzolla' will be released in advance on November 27, 2020 on all streaming and download platforms. The album itself will be released on February 12, 2021 by Berlin Classics on CD and on all streaming and download platforms.