26. Apr

Pictures – a world between two hands

It is no understatement to say that the accordion is one of the most underrated instruments in the world of music. This exciting instrument is often reduced to the stereotype squeeze box employed by itinerant musicians to play old favourites on crowded streets, or the frequently derided oompapa music of Alpine legend. Nikola Djorics breaks through these prejudices.

He has dedicated his debut album "Pictures" for Berlin Classics to two of the great Russian masters: Modest Musorgsky and Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. His approach is very simple. "I play exactly what is in the original score." No arrangements, just everything as Musorgsky and Tchaikovsky wrote it. It is this interplay – original score played on a new instrument – that informs Nikola Djoric's performance and which astounds the purists and experimenters alike.

He applies his personal view to the images and to the music. At the same time, it is his aim to provide every listener with a personal sense of access to the music. Djoric is sure that "if Musorgksy and Tchaikovsky had been more familiar with this instrument, they would have been fascinated by it."

The album is now available everywhere.