14. Feb

“Pimps-Ballad” – Asya Fateyeva plays a piece from the Threepenny Opera together with her chamber music colleagues

After the young saxophonist Asya Fateyeva has already given an exciting preview of her new album "Jonny" with the first single "Saxophone Quintet, Op. 34", you can now listen to a work from the Threepenny Opera. The piece with the vulgar name "Pimps-Ballad" can be rediscovered on this recording as an arrangement for saxophone, string quartet and piano.

Whereas Adolf Busch’s Quintet for Alto Saxophone and String Quartet was still a chamber work in the late-Romantic idiom, the avant-garde gave free rein to their experimental urge and welcomed the potential of the new instrument. Schoenberg’s pupil Anton Webern gave the saxophone equal status with clarinet, violin and piano; his Quartet admirably illustrates the absolute regularity of his compositions and was warmly praised by for its originality by Alban Berg. Other composers picked up rhythmical and melodic features from jazz. Erwin Schulhoff’s Hot Sonata integrates elements of jazz into the structures of the Classical sonata form without losing its jazzy character, its spontaneity and lightness, its colour and expressiveness. Kurt Weill’s “song style” was likewise influenced by dance music, as was the musical language of his Dreigroschenoper. Premiered in 1928, the “Threepenny Opera” is a creation of its time, its mélange of jazz, operetta and fairground music a vehicle for its critique of bourgeois-capitalist society and the hedonism of the Weimar Republic.

The complete album "Jonny" by Asya Fateyeva is available from February 28, 2020. Until then you can dive into the world of the 1920s with the two singles "Saxophone Quintet, Op. 34" and "Pimps-Ballad" and be enchanted by the soft sound of the outstanding saxophonist.