1. Nov

“Poetica” – Claudio Bohórquez & Péter Nagy in search of the possibly greatest poet of his time: Robert Schumann

The cellist Claudio Bohórquez and the pianist Péter Nagy dedicate their new album to the sound poet par excellence, Robert Schumann and his works for chamber duo. At the center of the album is a work that stands for poetry: the song cycle “Die Dichterliebe“. Most interesting, not only for connoisseurs of poetry love, Bohórquez does not turn the songs without words into wordless songs through the finest tonal nuances and a very singing line. Other pieces from Schumann’s clarinet, oboe, and viola repertoire can also be found on the album arranged for cello.

“Against this background the Fantasiestücke, for clarinet originally, or Märchenbilder for viola or the Romanzen for oboe stand, of course, also. And so I had the opportunity on this album to really put myself in the position of being in completely different instruments and then to find a cellistic solution.”

The album “Schumann: Poetica” by Claudio Bohórquez and Péter Nagy is now available as CD, download and stream.