7. Aug

“Prelude, Loops and Riffs” – Sebastian Manz and STUDNITZKY release new Bernstein-Jam Session

The album release of "A Bernstein Story", the unconventional collaborative work of jazz musician STUDNITZKY and classical instrumentalist Sebastian Manz, is approaching: On 23.08.2019 Berlin Classics will release the musical work inspired by and about Leonard Bernstein, in which jazz and classical music unite and the best of both musical worlds comes together.
The single "Prelude, Loops and Riffs", an allusion to Leonard Bernstein's "Prelude, Fugues and Riffs", has now been released.
The official music video takes us on a journey through vibrant New York and into the famous Systems Two Studio in Brooklyn, where the two award-winning musicians recorded their album.
"Prelude, Loops and Riffs" by Sebastian Manz and STUDNITZKY is now available everywhere for download and stream. The album "A Bernstein Story" will be released on 23.08.2019. Click here for the official music video.