German singer Christiane Karg has won particular acclaim in recent years, with one success after another since her 2006 debut at the Salzburg Festival. In 2009, the periodical Opernwelt voted her Newcomer of the Year in the female singer category, and she received the ECHO Klassik award for her first song CD Verwandlung the following year. Christiane worked with conductor Jonathan Cohen in the Glyndebourne Touring Opera in the 2010/11 season. They had such good rapport from the start that they decided to record an aria CD with his Arcangelo ensemble in London, a group of top young musicians.

On the CD, Amoretti, love is examined in all its facets. Alongside arias by Mozart and Gluck, there are two lesser-known ones by their French contemporary André-Ernest-Modeste Grétry, one of which is presented on CD for the first time! With this compilation Christiane takes the listener on an emotional roller coaster ride that begins with a tender plea and leads via yearning, tenderness, pain, and despair to the final Adieu.

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