"Brass Hommage" is a tribute to the inimitable sound which has made German Brass famous. It acknowledges the success of an audio vision come true: to create a chamber-music ensemble with ten brass musicians, a group with the sound potential of a mighty organ, a symphony orchestra or a big band – a vision which the German Brass musicians have achieved with the musical elegance that is their very own. Their special arrangements have made them into inventors of a highly refined sound idiom that was to become their hallmark. It is compositions for the organ and symphonic works from the classical field that provide the brass players with inspiration, but jazz standards or South American music deliver an equal appeal and the challenge to expand the palette of tone colours. A tango like "La Cumparsita" can transform into the rhythm of a bandoneon, while music by Cole Porter exudes a touch of Broadway flair, "As Time Goes By" conjures up the power of the images from the legendary film "Casablanca", and a jazz classic like "Bourbon Street Parade" emulates the sound of a Dixieland band from New Orleans.

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