19. Jul

“Sapphire” is here: Peter Steiner & Constanze Hochwartner release new album

Melodies by Leonard Bernstein, arrangements by Mozart and Puccini and current movie scores - on their new album "Sapphire" Constanze Hochwartner and Peter Steiner present a variety of timbres in the exciting combination of piano and trombone.

With this album trombonist Peter Steiner wants to show how versatile his instrument is: On "Sapphire", soft sounds alternate with powerful approaches. Accompanied by pianist Constanze Hochwartner, the result is an unusual and harmonious joint work. With the title "Rondo Alla Turca" and the new trombone arrangement of Leonard Bernstein's "Somewhere" the two musicians already provided a foretaste of their musical interplay on "Sapphire".

The album "Sapphire" by Peter Steiner and Constanze Hochwartner is now available as CD, download and stream.