24. Jan

“Saxophon Quintet, Op. 34” – Chamber music of the 1920s by Asya Fateyeva

With her new single "Saxophon Quintet, Op. 34" the saxophonist Asya Fateyeva gives an interesting preview of her new album "Jonny". The saxophone quintet, composed by Adolf Busch, transports you straight to the atmosphere of the dazzling 1920s. But the reason for recording this album was a very serious one:

"With the composers and works on this album we travel back from the Twenties of the new century into a very special time: everything seems possible in the Roaring Twenties, there is this great sense of freedom, the air crackles with the electric tension of creativity. My instrument, the saxophone, is promised a bright future. It is considered the voice of modern salon music and is treated as the equal of other classical music instruments. All that is turned on its head in the Third Reich: the saxophone is shunned and shares the fate of countless composers, artists and writers as “degenerate” and alien. The programme of this album traces its path through the no-man’s-land between rise and fall." – Asya Fateyeva

The album "Jonny" by Asya Fatayeva is available from February 28, 2020. Until then you can already listen to the world of the 1920s with the first single "Saxophon Quintet, Op. 34", which is now available as download and stream!