18. May

Schumann plays Schumann: New album “Intermezzo” released

The Schumann Quartet has never been impressed by technical difficulties. Thus, the string ensemble for his new album "Intermezzo" has not let the genus take the wind out of its sails, which made his namesake difficulties: the string quartet.

As a starting point for their recording, the Schumann Quartet chose the three "quartet attempts" by Robert Schumann in Opus 41. The repertoire is supplemented by a work of Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy. With their fresh approach, the string ensemble creates the perfect setting for Aribert Reimann's adaptation of the 6 Gesänge op. 109.

In close collaboration with the composer, the Schumann Quartet created the Adagio in memory of Robert Schumann. As a basis served the team two unfinished, untextured chorales.

For Reimann's "Schumann", the quartet, consisting of the brothers Ken, Mark and Erik Schumann, Liisa Randalu, won the German soprano Anna Lucia Richter.