26. Apr

Schumann Quartet interprets Shotakovich

We are standing in a picture gallery of music. All around us we can hear snippets of the great works for string quartets, along with unfamiliar things to delight the ear; it is truly a music-lover’s paradise. "Chiaroscuro" forms the conclusion of a rather special trilogy of albums by the Schumann Quartet and at the same time marks a journey’s end.

After the quartet searched their own roots with their first album "Landscapes" and engaged with their namesake Robert Schumann on the follow-up album "Intermezzo", they are now completing their journey with the new album "Chiaroscuro".

As of today there is a second foretaste of the upcoming album: Shostakovich's "Elegy" from string quartet 15. The piece can be heard from today on all common platforms. The album "Chiaroscuro" will be released on 10 May by Berlin Classics.