28. Sep

“Schumann Romances”: Celine Moinet releases her first album with Berlin Classics

With her “Schumann Romances”, Céline Moinet sets to music a declaration of love to her instrument, the oboe. The French musician presents, on the album that releases 13th October 2017 with Berlin Classics, a selection of pieces that Robert Schumann (1810 – 1856) wrote for the oboe, or that were especially recomposed for the instrument. She is accompanied by pianist Florian Uhlig, who is a recognized Schumann-interpreter with great expertise. For the six pieces in canonical form the solo-cellist of the Dresdner Staatskapelle, Norbert Anger, could be won over.

Céline Moinet has been dreaming of recording Schumanns Romances for a long time

“I was very diligent in that time – it has been my most prolific year” Robert Schumann writes in a letter to Ferdinand Hiller in 1849. It was during this time the “Three Romances for Oboe and Piano op. 94” were created – Robert gave them to his wife Clara as a Christmas present. Choosing the oboe was by no means incidental, as the composer loved the instrument, how it’s often recognizable in his symphonic compositions. “I discovered and loved Schumann’s Romances ever since I was a child – and of course played them fairly often in concerts” says Moinet. Above all she always wanted to record those pieces.

“Well, this violin voice, that could also work for the oboe.”

“The romances are of special value for me, because there are so few meaningful works for my instrument from the 19th century.” continues Moinet. “Other special pieces to me on this album are the ‘Six pieces in canonical form op. 56‘, that were composed for grand piano. Many movements sound very poetic and intimate and I thought: Well this violin voice, that could also work for the oboe. Then I found a beautiful version by Theodor Kirchner (1823-1903) for oboe, violoncello and piano.“ she explains. Together with her chamber music partners she then recorded those. “We’ve known each other for a long time, we play together a lot. Practicing and discovering this piece together was amazing.”

Schumanns lyrical gems receive their own coloration through the voice of the oboe

Asked about her favorite on the album “Schumann Romances”, the answer for Céline Moinet is simple: “’My beautiful star’– because it’s just lovely. For a long time I didn’t dare playing it with the oboe, because this music is just so meaningful.” Many would also not know that the lyrics have such a strong reference to Clara: “My beautiful star! I ask you, / Don’t lower yourself towards earth , / Cause you’re seeing me down here, / Rather pick me up to the sky, / My beautiful star, where you are!” Even if the lyrics may be missing in the version for oboe and piano: The poetic significance is expressed regardlessly and Schumann’s lyrical gems receive their own coloration through the voice of the oboe.