6. Mar

“Sonata in F Minor: III Presto” – Matthias Kirschnereit plays one of Beethoven’s early works

With the second single "Sonata in F Minor: III Presto", pianist Matthias Kirschnereit gives a further impression of the less known compositions of the great composer Ludwig van Beethoven. Beethoven was just 12 or 13 when he wrote the thrilling third movement of the Sonata in F Minor, WoO 47.

The composers of the Classical and Romantic eras did not regard the key of F minor as one of their favourites. Nevertheless, the juvenile Beethoven adopted that key for an early piano sonata (published in 1783), which is as surprising as the futuristic harmonic modulations that are to be heard. He was not to write the op. 57 Sonata in the same key (the famous "Appassionata") till over twenty years later. The work is one of the three “Electoral” sonatas, so called on account of their dedication to Maximilian Friedrich Reichsgraf von Königsegg-Rothenfels, Elector and Archbishop of Cologne.

The whole album "Beethoven Unknown Solo Piano Works" by Matthias Kirschnereit will be available from April 3, 2020. Until then, you can already listen to the two singles "Beethoven: Sonata in F Minor: III Presto" and "Lustig & Traurig" to get a preview of the unknown pieces by Ludwig van Beethoven.