4. May

Spark fire off their new single “Scotch club”

The foretaste, "Scotch Club", on the new album "On The Dancefloor" by award-winning ensemble Spark is now available.

The single "Scotch Club" is the composer debut of Spark cellist Victor Plumettaz. The single captivates with its contrapuntal rhythm pattern that raises the group's rich color palette and idiosyncratic sound to a different, energetic level.

 The new album "On The Dancefloor" celebrates its release on May 25th and is the stuff for wildly danced nights through all musical eras. In an unconventionally, lively way, a successful balancing act succeeds in an exciting classic crossover. A balancing act between exhilarating ballet music by an Amadeus Mozart and the mighty Champer Techno, written by the contemporary composer Sebastian Bartmann. The interplay of the two worlds, which at first seem very contradictory, makes the new album the energetically pulsating work that hijacks its listeners on a direct path into a rush of sounds and rhythms.