31. Jan

“Standards” – Simon Höfele releases his debut album at Berlin Classics!

ECHO Rising Star Simon Höfele presents with his debut album "Standards" at Berlin Classics the standard repertoire for trumpet and the condensate of his time as BBC Radio 3 New Generation Artist. Together with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, the BBC National Orchestra of Wales and conductor Duncan Ward, the young trumpeter has rediscovered the great works of Hummel, Haydn, Copland and Arutjunjan.

If you are familiar with his last two albums, you may be surprised by his programme for the latest. Simon Höfele has recorded the absolute classics, real standards, when he seemed addicted to the unknown, the difficult, the avant-garde – music by Matthias Pintscher, Olga Neuwirth and Toshio Hosokawa, full of grunts and squeals and rasps. A PR initiative, perhaps? Or the feeling that he simply had to record Haydn and Hummel, Arutyunyan and Copland – since everyone else had? “I wanted to keep it simple, because I care just as much about these works as about everything else,” says Höfele in the Cologne café, without needing to give the matter much thought. “Every child that plays the trumpet hears Haydn, Hummel and Arutyunyan and there are good reasons for that. These works are simply brilliant in their simplicity.” He has already played them “between fifty and a hundred times” himself, he reckons, and “my score of the Haydn trumpet concerto is so well worn that the pages are falling out.” All the same, it has never happened – “not one single time” – that he found the music in any way an effort: “I’ve never thought: ‘Oh no, not Haydn again.’” It doesn’t take him long to add: “What’s going on inside me in these recordings is the pure and simple love of music.”

The album "Standards" by Simon Höfele is now available as CD, download or stream!