6. Oct

“Telemanns Trumpet Concertos”: Matthias Höfs releases new album with Berlin Classics

Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767) has written especially beautiful and demanding trumpet works. A virtuoso from the present now unites them on an upcoming record: On the occasion of the 250th anniversary of the death of the outstanding baroque composer, Matthias Höfs releases his album “Telemann Trumpet Concertos” together with the German Chamber Philharmonics Bremen on October 6th of 2017. By doing so, he wants to honor the “Director Musices” who in his almost 50 year long term led the music city Hamburg to world fame.

Matthias Höfs’ personal relation with Georg Philipp Telemann

“As a musician from Hamburg I have a very personal relation with Telemann, whose traces are present until now and can be found at many of the wonderful venues in the hanseatic city.” explains Höfs. These include for instance the five main churches, in which Telemann was musical director. At this place the most productive phase of his career began. For instance, he wrote two cantatas for every Sunday and a passion for lent.

Georg Philipp Telemann led Hamburg to world fame

Furthermore he delivered the “Hamburg Captain’s music” once a year, to celebrate the Hamburg Landwehr commander – consisting of a clerical oratio and a worldly serenade. From November 1721 on he managed a Collegium musicum and in spring of 1722 he became director of the Gänsemarkt opera, where he directed operas by Händel and Keiser as well as his own. Matthias Höfs knows about Telemann’s versatility and also that his works were of significant meaning for the trumpet.

Telemann’s Baroque compositions are of special meaning to trumpeters

“We all know the unbelievable trumpet parts in the works of Bach, Händel and Vivaldi – like the Christmas Oratio, the Mass in B-minor and the Messia. In the range of these baroque composers, Telemanns baroque compositions are of special meaning for us trumpeters, because neither Bach, nor Händel have dedicated a solo-concerto to the trumpet. Telemann even composed three fantastic trumpet-concertos and a sonata, which, to me, is one of the most beautiful ones ever written.” Höfs continues.

Working with the German Chamber Philharmonics Bremen was “pure bliss”

Matthias Höfs unites all of them in one album: On one hand the record includes two trumpet concertos as well as a third concerto with trumpet-contribution. On the other hand it contains a sonata with solo-trumpet and transcriptions of two sonatas that were originally written for other instruments. Höfs also demonstrates how the trumpet developed itself instrumentally in the past 300 years. Because playing colorfully is possible on modern instruments as well.

Matthias Höfs on tour with the new album

Together with the German Chamber Philharmonics Bremen, the trumpeter found his ideal musical partner for his project. “For me it was pure bliss to play with the musicians of the German Chamber Philharmonics and to rediscover Telemann’s music together” Höfs resumes. The album “Telemann Trumpet Concertos” is available on October 6th 2017.

Additionally, Matthias Höfs can be experienced at various concerts in the next months.