11. Jan

That’s what the Golden Twenties sound like

Ecstatic nights, glamour, awakening - a golden age of the German art and culture scene. A short phase between gasp of relief and revolution. The Golden 1920s are shrouded in legend and are currently even experiencing a comeback with series such as "Babylon Berlin".

"That time was almost a boiling bowl of creativity and inventiveness," says violinist Daniel Röhn. Jazz came up. Silent films were replaced by speech films. And while Walt Disney's "Mickey Mouse" took its first steps in 1928, the dream factories in Berlin and Hollywood were running at full speed - also thanks to Fritz Lang and Charlie Chaplin.

With "The Golden Violin" Daniel Röhn captures the spirit of that time with romantic sounds from Rachmaninoff to Kurt Weill to the jazzy sounds of Gerswhin. With this he takes us into what is probably the most iridescent and exuberant part of German history.

From today it's time to dive into the Golden Twenties with George Gershwin's "It Ain't Necessarily So". Gerswhin wrote this piece for his opera "Porgy and Bess". Jazz greats like the recently deceased Aretha Franklin, Bing Crosby, but also later Oscar Peterson, Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong covered this song. And now incredibly new: Daniel Röhn. Listen and get thrilled! The song is now available everywhere.