14. Sep

The Fauré Quartet and the “Pictures of an Exhibition”

Experimental, multifaceted, colourful - the adjectives commonly used to describe the Fauré Quartet are numerous. With their recently released recording "Pictures At An Exhibition", the list could become even longer.

Erika Geldsetzer, Sascha Frömbling, Konstantin Heidrich and Dirk Mommertz chose a classic for their first project at Berlin Classics: Mussorgski's "Pictures at an Exhibition". The repertoire is complemented by Rachmaninov's "Études-Tableaux".

The recording was based on an orchestral arrangement of Mussorgski's piano cycle from the 1920s. "A chamber music ensemble is virtually predestined to present the entire spectrum of sound with piano and strings," says Dirk Mommertz.

Newly arranged for piano quartet, the "Pictures at an Exhibition" and "Études-Tableaux" appear in a new guise. With more than 25 years of experience, the quartet draws from the full and this is also evident on the album: the spectrum of the recording is colourful, rich in contrast, from turbulent to calm.

Whether the "Gnom", "Little Red Riding Hood and The Wolf" or "The Old Castle", the quartet shows what they are made of. Unique in its form, the album is accessible and definitely a surprising experience even for connoisseurs!