28. Sep

“The Rachmaninov Préludes”: Claire Huangci and 18 years of music history

Great works are her speciality! Now Claire Huangci presents "The Rachmaninov Préludes", her homage to a piano giant of late Romanticism. With the 24 Préludes, the pianist embarks on a musical journey through eventful times.

With "A Chopin Diary" in 2017 Claire Huangci made a clear statement: great cycles of works are a welcome challenge for her. Now the pianist follows up with the 24 Préludes by Rachmaninov. The composer's development over a period of 18 years is evident here.

With the Prélude in C sharp minor op. 3 no. 2 Rachmaninov laid the foundation for his extensive work.  At the same time, the piece developed into one of his most famous works. His last contribution to the prelude genre was the 13 Préludes op. 32 in 1910.

"Rachmaninoff's music became more complex, more contrapuntal; it became more harmonically interesting and exciting," explains pianist Alexius Wissenberg.

For Claire Huangci, the Préludes Rachmaninovs are far more than that. She sees them as "a symbiosis of modest purity and filigree virtuosity".